These 5 Tips Help You Avoid Overspending When Making Invitation Cards!

by Misaki Lee
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A wedding is one of the most expensive parties that you will have in your entire life. So, you have to think and allocate your budget seriously, especially if you have a limited budget. Overspending is a fairly common occurrence at weddings, but you can minimize the risk of overspending by ensuring that every aspect or element of the preparations stays on track and on budget. One of the aspects that you must complete for your wedding is the invitation card. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid overspending when creating the invitation. 

1. Have an Estimated Budget for Invitation Cards 

How do you know that you are overspending without knowing the limit of your allocation budget for the invitation card? Allocating a budget is the key to avoiding overspending. Plan your expenses not only for the dress or wedding venue, but you have to allocate your budget for making invitation cards too. Knowing the exact amount or range of money to spend on invitations will help you to keep on track. 

2. Set the Number of Guests 

You need to know the number of invitation cards that you want to create. That’s important because a lack of information about the number of guests can lead you to order the invitation card in the wrong quantity. If you order less, you will have to re-order more. But if you order more than the real need, you are only wasting your money on what we call useless. So, to avoid overspending, you have to set the number of guests and compiling the guest list before ordering the invitation cards. 

3. How About Being Your Own Designer? 

Make an estimate based on your budget and ask yourself, is it enough to hire a designer? If that’s okay, then you can go with that. But if your budget cannot cover the cost of hiring the designer, what do you think if you designed your invitation by yourself? Professionals often use Adobe or Corel to design invitations, and you can use both applications too. But if you need something simpler, then try Canva website or other free online design platforms. Usually, they are simpler and easier for users. 

4. Make Decisions Based on Your Budget 

Most of the time, people do their best for their wedding, including when they prepare and make wedding invitations. But, if you want to stick to your budget, there are some decisions that need to be in line with your budget. So, here are some of them! 

  • You will find various types of materials for the invitation cards. Of course, all of them have different characteristics and prices. So, stay on track, decide, and select only material based on a budget. 
  • The invitation size affects the price. The smaller the size, the cheaper you may spend on your invitation. Choose only the size that matches your budget plan.   
  • The two-sided print will charge you more. As long as your budget fits for that, of course, you can choose two-sided print if you think that is necessary. But if your budget cannot afford that, you are not advised to do that. 

5. Find A Professional Printing Service That Offers High-Quality Prints at Affordable and Cheap Prices! 

Yes, the last step is absolutely crucial. Since we are talking about avoiding overspending, it doesn’t mean that you only need to find the cheapest printing service for your invitation card, and everything is done. You can make your wedding invitation with the minimum amount of money, but without any concern about the quality, the result may be disappointing. Quality is also an important aspect to pay attention to since it will determine the result of your invitation card. Even if you get the invitation at affordable and cheap prices, you don’t want to make it fuzzy or blurry, right? Therefore, find an invitation card printing service that offers high-quality print at affordable and economical prices! 

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