4 Tips for Making Stickers for Window Displays

by Tiara Ratno
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Stickers are easy to find around. They stick on various kind of products, packaging, and many more surfaces! But have you ever seen that stickers affixed on a window display? Many shops put stickers to their window display for attracting people attention, inform their best offers and newest products, or even for decoration purposes. If you are interested in applying stickers on a window display as well, here are some tips that you can follow when making stickers! 

1. Make Sure You Create the Right Design 

We know a lot of people choose stickers because of their affordable price. But even though the price is affordable, the size will determine the price. The bigger the size, the more expensive stickers will be. Because of that, ensuring that you create the appropriate design is truly important! Here are some points that you need to make sure to make the right design! 

  • What do you want to convey through your sticker on the window display? Ask yourself that question beforehand because identifying the message that you want to deliver on your sticker is truly important. By identifying this, you can create an effective sticker for your window display! 
  • Make sure your design can attract people to be more curious about your offering or brand. So, make the design as attractive as possible. But be careful about over design. 
  • If any text or information is added to the design, please don’t be too much! The window display is not a textbook full of information. Once you put in too much information, that will not get people interested or maybe they might get confused. So, keep only the most important information on stickers! 
  • For those who add some information, please ensure that the font type, size, and colour make the information or text easy for everyone to read. 

2. Knowing the Type of Sticker That You Want to Create 

Large format stickers usually will be selected for window display applications. But you will need to specify other things such as how it will be printed or installed and where the sticker will be placed. Why? Because there is more than one choice for those things. For example, besides you can install the sticker directly on the window, you can also install it in reverse. Then, if you want to install it on the reverse, you will need to choose the reverse sticker when asking a printing service to print your sticker! Another thing, identifying where the sticker will be placed helps you to choose the perfect material for the sticker. For example, a sticker will be installed outside the window display, then you absolutely need to choose a material with waterproof and tearproof features for that! 

3. Double-Checking 

The last tip for making window display stickers is to double-check. What does it mean? Before the design is printed, double-checking is a must thing to do. Start from checking the typographical error to checking the completeness of the information. That will not take a lot of time, but as a result, that can minimize the risk of failure after the sticker is printed.  

4. Size! 

Before asking a printing service such as sticker printing in Singapore to print your design, firstly you need to know the size of the sticker that you want to create. You can estimate it by identifying the exact length and width of the window where the sticker will be applied. Plus, you can estimate the expenses that need to pay for your sticker!

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