5 Reasons Why Individuals and Businesses Still Use Postcards!

by Misaki Lee
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A postcard is a small card that is used to exchange information or to communicate. Usually, there is a photograph or illustration in front of the card. Even in this era of the digital revolution, when most people are addicted to fast and instant messaging, postcards are still relevant and keep their existence! Many people and businesses still use postcards for a variety of purposes. But what kind of purposes? Here are a few of them! 

1. Sending Postcards Is Fun and Memorable!  

Nowadays, people receive more digital messages than the printed one from their colleagues or family. They rely on instant messaging so much, even they congratulating their friends or families on social media. If you want to do something more fun and special, you might consider using postcards to greet, communicate, or even congratulate those you love and care about! Plus, sending postcards is more personal and memorable for both you and the person who receives the card! 

2. Affordable Souvenirs! 

Looking for an affordable souvenir while travelling? Then you can consider buying some postcard as souvenirs for your family and friends. Compared with other things such as snacks, clothes, or fridge magnets, postcards are more affordable and easier to carry in the bag. But keep in mind, choose only cards with beautiful photographs of scenery that symbolize the place you are visiting as you will make these cards as souvenirs. 

3. Effective Marketing Tool 

In business, postcards are used as a marketing tool. Postcard marketing is chosen because of its affordability and effectiveness. Let’s talk about its effectiveness first. When you apply this method to your marketing, you don’t need to spend your money on mass mailing because the card is sent only to specific target audiences. Then for its affordability, postcards are more cost-effective compared to send customers letters. Why? Because there are no expenses for envelopes and address labels. Moreover, since companies usually make their own postcards and print them in bulk at a postcard printing in Singapore, the price for a piece of the card becomes more and more cheaper! That is why postcards are an effective and cost-effective option for business marketing! 

4. Postcards Can Be Collected 

Some people love to collect postcards from different places with various illustrations or photographs. They can get the card by buying it independently, or exchange it with someone else. Because of that, you may find that today there are lots of websites or online projects where people can send and receive postcards from random people around the world!  

5. Easy to Create or Buy 

Many people and businesses still use postcards because they are easy to find! Postcards can be found in various shops or stores such as stationery stores, book stores, post offices, magazine kiosks, and many other offline and online places. But for companies, instead of buying cards, they usually create their own card designs and ask a professional postcard printing service to help them process their design into the real postcard! They chose this method as their strategy to get the card at a lower price! 

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