3 Types of Self inking Ink That Can Help You Through Your Office Work

by Tiara Ratno
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In various business sectors, a self inking stamp can really come in handy. For formal occasions, self inking stamps are used to provide authentication and authorization for legal documents before they get released from the company or organization and get sent toward the receiving party. With the imprint of the company or organization logo on the paper, the receiver of the document can be sure that the document they get is true. For a professional entrepreneur, a self inking stamp is highly beneficial.

However, for less formal purposes, it can also really come in handy to have one around. For example, it can be beneficial for document organization or simply for creative or decoration purposes.

Did you know that there are different kinds of self inking stamps? If you are trying to get one, you should at least be aware of the existing options that you can choose before you go and have a self inking stamp made for you.

1. Traditional self inking stamp

As the name goes, this is the most basic type of self inking stamp. Basically, this stamp is made of a wood handle and a self inking stamp that is attached to it. The self inking will be carved with the design of your choice. These days, the handle can also be made from plastic. This type of stamp requires a separate ink pad so that it can leave an impression on a paper. This aspect makes it a little less convenient than the other more sophisticated model, however it is cheap and still quite reliable as well. If you don’t need to carry it around, then you will be fine with this type of stamp.

2. Self inking stamp

This type of stamp is a developed model from the basic wooden self inking stamp. A self inking stamp’s mechanism is a little more intricate, however it is generally more convenient to use compared to the basic self inking stamp because it does not require manual inking. A self inking stamp has an ink pad built into the stamper’s body, thus it cuts down the effort as well as the time needed to stamp. It is more convenient to carry around since it is small and compact, easily fitting your pocket.

3. Pre inked stamp

A pre inked stamp is not much different from a self inking stamp. The main difference between the two is that this type of stamp has an ink reservoir that provides ink for the stamp. The reservoir makes it possible for the stamp to reink itself after each impression made. Oil based ink is more suitable for this type of stamp. Much like a self inking stamp, this type of stamp is also easy to bring just about anywhere since you don’t have to worry about a separate ink pad.

Conclusion: Whatever the choice of your stamp type is, make sure that you produce it with a trusted self inking stamp manufacturer. Even though it may cost you a little more, it is always worth it to go for a high quality stamp that can work well and last for a long time.

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