3 Ways of Making a Better Name Card

by Misaki Lee
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It is a mistake for business owners to think that only expensive ways of advertising are the ones that are effective the expand the market reach of their products or services.

Name card printing in Singapore as a way of making a cost-effective advertising method is also still regarded as a good alternative because it is a straightforward way of delivering messages toward the potential customers that may be interested in what you have to offer.

Even though it’s cheap, it does not necessarily mean that you can treat it as something that is not worth your attention and effort. Designing a good name card supports the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, making it possible for you to seize its fullest potential so that you can earn new customers as many as possible.

To design a good name card, here are some tips that may be useful for you:

1. The choice of color

Choosing the right color is very important because colors can trigger certain emotions upon the ones who see it. A color must firstly represent your company well as a proper effort in branding. For example, you can quickly associate the color red and yellow for McDonald’s. This means that they have been successful in integrating their color with their brand. You have to be able to do it as well while at the same time making sure that the colors you choose will give a positive impression. Color contrast is also an important aspect of your name card. The text color and background color must be in contrast with each other so that your name card will be legible, making it easier for people to read.

2. Legibility

Not only the color contrast, but there are also several other things that contribute to the legibility of a name card, such as the choice of font. The choice of fonts includes the style of the font itself and the size. Avoid fonts that are overly stylized, and make sure to limit yourself to two or three fonts only in one design so that your design will appear neater. You can tweak with the sizes, emphasizing important words with larger and bold fonts while keeping the other smaller and not bold. This way, you can direct the focus of your reader and make sure that they notice what is the most important information on your name card.

Other than the fonts itself, the way you arrange the words and images on your name card also plays an important role in ensuring the legibility of your name card. You should be able to convey your messages simply and avoid putting too many words on your name card. Make use of bullets and numberings, deliver what you have to say in points that are easy to digest because people don’t usually spend too much time dwelling on trying to understand a name card. Within the short chance you get, make sure that your potential customers understand what you are trying to say.

3. Entice with headline

The headline as the part that is usually easiest to notice is most likely the most important part of your name card. It determines whether your name card gets read or ends up being in the trash can within seconds. Surely you have to be able to come up with a catchy line for your headline, but you also should style it so that it can catch the attention of people. You can decorate it with image and make it big and bold for easier notice and heavy emphasizing on the particular element of the name card.

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