4 Essential Tips For Designing And Printing Your Sticker

by Justin Fer
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A good sticker is not only measured in terms of design, but many other aspects must be considered such as color selection, content, and shape. These considerations will support the success of stickers to be immediately accepted by your audience. To be able to make a sticker that suits your needs, you can use custom sticker printing. That way, you can adjust your sticker the way you want in terms of choosing the shape, color, sticker material, and so on. Apart from that, this article will also tell you about tips for making great stickers. 

1. Give Your Logo / Brand Some Space 

From a marketer’s point of view, you might want to consider every sticker that mentions the name of your product, regardless of shape. However, try to reverse that point of view as an audience who sees other people’s stickers, it defeats the purpose of using the stickers themselves. People will tend to get bored with monotony and no refreshment. Therefore, make stickers that specifically mention your brand, and others are special stickers with your logo on them. 

2. Less Detail 

Don’t get me wrong, details are nice to notice and have in your designs. But in this case, the sticker size is also considered. If you want to make small stickers, which most people do to increase brand awareness, then massive use of details is not recommended. This is because detail will only make your stickers less visible and less noticeable, ‘thanks’ to the short attention span in these modern ages. Stickers that are detailed on the design or appearance will also tend to compromise the main idea or message to be conveyed. This type of sticker may be suitable for a band, tattoo artist, but may not be for your business or organization. 

3. Use CMYK 

Are you familiar with this? If you just heard about this, let me tell you. CMYK is short for colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This color combination is the best color combination to produce accurate colors for your designs. The preset you will find in the design software is RGB, and you must first convert it to CMYK in the settings section. 

If you don’t want to bother changing this and that, then you can also take advantage of a professional graphic designer. They certainly understand what they are doing, and you can consult what kind of sticker design you want. 

4. Set the Bleed 

Some stickers look good when you see them in the design on your computer screen. However, the design may be cut off the sides after you print it. This is because there is no bleed area on your sticker design. The bleed area is the area around your sticker that goes beyond the cutting side. Can you imagine if you don’t have a bleed area? Your writing or drawing will be slightly clipped, and the result will not be neat. So make sure you have a bleed area of ​​about 5 mm on the sides. If you are not sure about the results, then you can ask or consult a printing shop that you trust, good luck! 

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