5 Wedding Items to Decorate With Wax Seal

by Misaki Lee
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If you are looking for a way to add extra personalization to your wedding invitation or other relevant stationeries and items, then you can consider using a wax seal stamp. Wax seal is beautiful and it can definitely give off the impression of uniqueness, creativity, and elegance to your wedding items. 

A lot of people limit themselves to only using wax seal for wedding invitations. But why stop there? Wax seal can be used of many different types of items. 

Before we get to the ways of using wax seal for wedding items, let’s first learn about the tools that you need for wax sealing. 

1. Wax Seal Stamp: it is better if you order this custom because the design will be more personal and unique. 

2. Melting Spoon: This is undoubtedly a necessity if you are using wax seal beads as the choice of your wax seal type. 

3. Glue Gun: If this tool is your preferred tool for wax sealing, then you have to buy sealing wax sticks as it is a suitable type of wax for glue guns. 

Now, let’s get to the uses of wax seal for your wedding decorations: 

1. Wedding Invitation and Envelopes 

This is one of the most common uses of wax sealing as you might have already known. With the presence of a wax seal on the wedding invitation or envelope, you can add a beautiful vintage effect to your invitation and impress the guests of your special day. 

2. Placement Cards or Seating Charts 

Guest seating charts or guest placement cards are also a great item to decorate with your wax seal. With your custom made wax seal, you can choose the symbol or letter/initial for the wax seal stamp. Of course, you can use any suitable color for the wax seal as well, preferably one that matches the theme of the card itself. With a wax seal stamp on the guest placement card or guest seating chart, you can definitely make it more recognizable for your guests and make them feel more respected and special as you stamp your wax seal next to their beautifully typed out or written names. 

3. Wedding Favors 

Your wax seal can absolutely decorate your wedding favor as well. Find a wax with matching colors and decorate it further with the embellishments of your choice to make it look more personalized. 

4. Menu 

Some weddings offer a menu to their guests for ordering and if yours will be the same too, you can choose to add a wax seal to your wedding menu. You can highlight the best list in your menu with your wax seal. 

5. Gift Wrapping 

This is another popular item to be decorated with a wax seal after the wedding invitation itself. You can seal off the wrap of your wedding gift and secure it for easy opening and gorgeous impression. 

Making your own wax seal can take some time, so if you want to get an easy wax seal then you can definitely order from Kiasu Print. Kiasu Print also offers you wedding invitation printing and envelope printing that can be easily ordered online for your convenience.

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