5 Things You Should Know About Common Seal Before Using It!

by Tiara Ratno
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Have you seen the common seal before? Years ago, a common seal was made from a wax that is usually affixed on a document as a symbol of approval and authenticity. But now, you may difficult finding the wax seal because it’s been replaced by a sticker. It is normally used on an important document such as certificates, high-level contracts, international documents, and many more.

Before we jump into the details about the common seal, what do you know about it besides what has been described above? Basically, a common seal is an embossed mark that is used to certified and verified vital documents. It is used by organizations and companies, but an individual can also use it. Then why is it written that the seal is used on “vital” or “high-level” documents? And what exactly can be obtained from using the common seal? To answer those questions now is the time for us to dive into the details! So, here it is!

1. Function

You have read that the common seal is used to certify and verify documents. But, affixing it on the documents actually representing the official approval from the decision-maker. That is because the seal cannot be used arbitrarily without their prior approval. Then, about “vital” or “high-level documents” It is crucial that you must know only certain documents can be affixed using the common seal. So, not all documents can be signed with a seal. If you need more information about the common seal applications on particular documents, it is recommended for you to ask a professional about it.

2. Benefits

Now, after its function, let us know about the benefits that can be obtained by using a seal. There are tons of benefits from using a seal, but let’s talk a few about it. First, it can minimize the risk of document forgery. The signature and company stamp are more likely easy to be forged, but not for the seal. That is why at the beginning of the article mentioned that it is used as a symbol of authenticity. For the next benefits, people use it since they have a business with international companies where the use of the common seal on the international business documents is required.

3. Common Seal and Company Stamp 

You must know about the company stamp, right? But, is it similar to the common seal? There is no absolute yes or no since both tools have similarities and differences. Both seal and stamp are symbols of official approval. Also, they show the company name, logo, and maybe registration number on their looks. However, they are used at a different level of the document. Usually, the seal is only used for more crucial documents compared with the stamp.

4. The Ways to Obtain It

You can get it by finding a trusted common seal manufacturer or going to the office supply retailer. But, before that, you can create the design first. However, don’t forget about including the company name, logo, incorporated year, and the state where the company is legally filled in, in your common seal design. 

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