How Using WordPress to Enhance your Brand?

by Misaki Lee
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In the modern era, it is essential to have a website that is suitable for standing out on the Internet and promoting a brand. Branding agencies like Mandreel are aware of this reality, and for this reason, they are not only able to provide the right advice, but also to design unique and optimized websites to stand out in search engines. 

While many agencies prefer to make their designs through more traditional options, in the modern era WordPress is one of the best alternatives to not only create incredible designs but also efficient and optimized to highlight search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 

Within the agency, we work with different types of tools, but WordPress has a great value and estimation if you are looking for the best possible results in terms of meeting the objectives of a specific client. 

Why does the agency use WordPress?

There are many reasons why WordPress is used instead of other tools to design websites for specific advertising campaigns. Here we will explain some of these reasons.

  • Content Marketing: In addition to being a tool that is adapted to work efficiently in the most popular search engines, WordPress relies on “blogs” to create valuable content, capture targeted traffic, and create unique designs.
  • Easy to use: unlike other website development tools, with WordPress, you don’t need much programming knowledge to create unique and optimized designs. You just need to have a creative idea and implement the right plugins to optimize your website so that it works well in search engines.
  • Integrated templates: On the other hand, in terms of design, WordPress comes integrated with a huge variety of templates that can be customized to meet all the visual and artistic needs of a client or brand.
  • Cost of Investment: Unlike other programming tools, WordPress is a free tool that is easy to implement. There are significant savings in the purchase of licenses.
  • Total control: both clients and the agency can access the WordPress platform to make modifications to a website that they are developing. User accounts can be created, with different levels of access so as not to lose control over the development and programming of the website.
  • Content implementation: with WordPress, it is easier to upload multimedia content, from photos to long videos. The tool facilitates the insertion of any type of content that increases the value of the website.
  • Adaptability: all websites developed by WordPress are automatically adapted for different types of devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

WordPress and digital marketing

At Mandreel they use a series of steps to efficiently use WordPress when developing websites.

  • Strategy: the first phase consists of defining all the necessary objectives. Knowing the resources, the audience, and the competition, is also fundamental to develop the website efficiently.
  • Attracting attention: as a second phase, good quality content is created and optimized for search engines, to capture the attention of the public and potential consumers.
  • Leads: as a third phase, the agency seeks to identify all visitors and turn them into true consumers. In this way, the brand can interact with its consumers more easily.
  • Loyalty: as the last phase, we seek to keep the consumers that we have obtained. To achieve this, it is essential to periodically update the website, either with new designs or by adding new quality content.

With this kind of model, can create unique websites that will last over time, meeting the needs of the brand and the consumers of that brand.

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