3 Simple Tips to Get Attractive Stickers Printed

by Misaki Lee
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Sticker is known to be used for many things. You can either make stickers to simply get sold again, to help you promote an event, to have it distributed as freebies, to label your items, or to decorate packaging, and many other things. Sticker is an item that is very versatile and can be designed as well as used according to your needs. Even though it is a small item, it can impose a great impact upon the person who sees it as long as the design can be interested enough, along with a good sticker printing execution and good decision regarding the material and finishes. Learn more about sticker production below to know what you have to prepare as you design and processes for sticker printing in Singapore.

1. 4 Color Processing

For sticker printing, it is best to choose the four color processing because it is also the same color processing used to print various goods, including stickers. The color combination used to design on your computer is usually RGB, so before you start designing you should make sure to change the options to CMYK. However, if you have designed in RGB, you can simply convert the colors. Why is matching the color processing used for design and printing important? Well, it is to help you gain more accurate colors so that you won’t have to redo the printing. If you design in RGB and print in CMYK, there is a chance that the sticker that you produce won’t have the exact same colors as you see on screen. To avoid this disappointment, definitely remember to use four color processing or also known as CMYK to design and print.

2. Break Up Large Solid Color Area

To make sure that the colors get printed out nice, it is best that you break up large solid color area as you design your sticker. Usually, the printer or color processing won’t be able to produce high quality looking stickers if the design has a large solid color area. The type of color processing that is more suitable for this is Pantone colors, but unfortunately they can cost a lot. So, if you want to keep it cheap, then you should definitely make sure that the design of your sticker does not have any large solid color area.

3. Finishes

You can pick finishes to make your sticker look more interesting and even appear more expensive or elegant. Some stickers can even enhance the durability of your stickers so that it can last a longer period of use, even if it has to withstand outdoor situations. Usually, people choose to coat their stickers so that it has a certain shine to it. Coating also makes a sticker more resistant when it comes to moisture and even heat. However, coating is not the only type of finish that you can choose for your sticker. There are a lot of different types of finishes so try to find one that is most suitable to the aesthetic that you pursue.

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